4 Trends in Virtual Networking

With the shift in business moving to Virtual networking and engagement. Business people are finding a better more efficient form of networking and connecting with other business people online. One such trend is the that so many networking groups are starting to emerge.

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Virtual Networking: A Trend That Shouldn’t End

When physical connections such as in-person meetings and conferences and events are shut down, an alternative way of meeting new people is required.

Speed networking- This is a hot trend that is coming to the forefront of virtual networking because of the introduction of networking technologies. While many platforms are coming to market, we are also seeing a fast rise and fall of companies trying to enter the speed networking space. Here is one such company Speednetworking.com5 Critical Factors to Creating Meaningful Engagement The problem that many speed networking platforms are having is commonly called the “Sheep & Wolves”. Where buyers (the sheep) are coming to the platform to engage, only to find that everyone is there to sell them something (the wolves) and they don’t come back. Leaving the platform with all sellers, trying to sell to each other and the platform dies off.

Local Groups – Local group networking fall into a few categories:
– Free Groups – Are common, but many business people find that they are littered with “low-value” players. this includes people that are doing multi-level or direct marketing and solo business people.
– Paid Groups – Typically offer a better quality of attendee, but most use a presentation format and the quality of engagement is limited.
– Chambers of Commerce – Similar to paid groups but will meet once a month, have a presentation format and tend to be expensive with little return on investment.

Maynestreet is the newest player in the virtual networking game. Built to deliver better attendee engagement through the use of small groups where the focus is meeting and engaging as local companies, but having a national system for people to engage across the country. The $9 fees covers the cost of having professional hosts run the meetings and act as the business connector in the room. For more on meeting on Maynestreet, go to

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