Termageddon for website policy generation and management

Maynestreet is pleased to announce that we have entered into an Agency partnership with Termageddon for website policy generation and management.  Termageddon is a system used to generate and maintain website policies and maintain compliance with state and country laws.  For our Maynestreet clients, Termageddon has an integrated connection to our MayneMonitoring System.  This means that you can add Termageddon to your website and our staff will monitor your Termageddon subscription.

Termageddon has also granted us reseller status.  So you can simply add the Termageddon service to your Maynestreet plan and maintain a single billing location.  But the actual service and support is provided at

While this seems like a completely annoying part of being a website owner, having stated policies on your website are both good business protection and if you have a contact form on your website your privacy policy is required!  Termageddon makes this process fast and easy using their policy generators.

Simple setup – answer simple questions about your website and privacy practices to generate their customized Privacy Policy.   A typical set up is about 15 minutes.

Override feature give you full control of the copy – easily perform edits to the generated Privacy Policy with our ‘override’ feature. When you edit a section of the policy, Termageddon will no longer update that section automatically, rather Termageddon will notify you when new copy is being suggested for that section due to a new privacy law, a change in existing privacy law or the issuance of new regulations.

Termageddon is available as an addon subscription through for $10.00 per month or $99.00 per year.

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