The Co-Op Workspace - Start, Learn & Grow

The virtual version of the incubator or Co-Op workspace

The Maynestreet Co-Op Workspace is the virtual version of the incubator or Co-Op workspace that have sprung up around the country.  The Co-Op is based on WordPress Multi-Site.  Multi-site lets us create a WordPress ecosystem that can be supported economically and also offers you our premium WordPress tools licensed for your use.

$11 per month & $67.00 setup fee

WordPress Users Group

Wednesdays 11:00 AM Pacific

Starts June 10th

Sponsored - Maynestreet Partners

Free Weekly Meeting

The Maynestreet WordPress Users Group provides education and insight for the Maynestreet User community through a virtual users group.  The group is usually structured with:

  • Group and technology news 
  • Group updates & announcements
  •  How to topics that were pre-submitted or discovered
  • User Round table – “I have a question?”
  • Closing Gallery of Sites – Sites submitted by members.

This is an open meeting for anyone that uses WordPress, but the discussion is limited to the Maynestreet environment, but this is a great way to find out about Maynestreet and the tools we choose. 

You will need to register once to get the login link.