Maynestreet Press Release – 40 Cities

America’s Digital Business District Launches in 40 Cities. Maynestreet is elevating traditional business networking to meet today’s culture and business climate. Now, small business owners have both national and local opportunities to network.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Maynestreet is adding networking and resource opportunities for small businesses on both local and national scales. The Las […]

Maynestreet to Launch in 40 Cities announced that it will launch it’s first 40 cities for online business networking., America’s new digital business district has built a system that brings traditional business networking online and available nationwide. Meetings & mixers are just $9 per attendee / meeting for local online networking events (no presentations). The networking meetings are led […]

Termageddon for website policy generation and management

Maynestreet is pleased to announce that we have entered into an Agency partnership with Termageddon for website policy generation and management.  Termageddon is a system used to generate and maintain website policies and maintain compliance with state and country laws.  For our Maynestreet clients, Termageddon has an integrated connection to our MayneMonitoring System.  This means […]

How to survive a business slowdown

It’s time to up your digital game! So many businesses don’t know their customers, let alone effectively grow their business using them.  The first place to start is your website, then your social channels, followed by email marketing.   With these in place, it’s time to start driving traffic to your site and social media.  Small ad […]