Maynestreet Launches Platform For WordPress

Maynestreet was built for the 35 million WordPress websites that are scattered through out the world, each based on the knowledge of the person or team that built it.  The Maynestreet digital marketing platform brings open standards and best of breed technologies for WordPress websites.  From hosting to the integrating of marketing systems.  Maynestreet Isolates the technical integration and learning of plugins that most people struggle with.

Maynestreet was founded by David Mayne, a digital strategist and WordCamp speaker. After attending a WordPress Beginner’s Day and watching several sessions where they discussed the merits of themes, child themes, plugins for this, plugins for that…  David felt that while well meaning, the day had failed those that came to learn to build and maintain a website and online business.  But he had built WordPress marketing platforms for his clients using page builders, integrated marketing technologies for ecommerce, email marketing, chatbots, landing pages, pop-overs, surveys & quizes… His clients never had to deal with the technical layer and that is the problem that he set out to solve with, the technical layer.

Moving to Maynestreet

One of the big benefits is that we can move your existing WordPress site to Maynestreet without a hiccup.  Once on the platform, we can integrated new marketing tools, chatbots, pop-overs, integrate email marketing forms…  You also get a layer of independence from your web services provider and usually reduce your monthly maintenance expense.  As part of the process, we will also connect your website to the Google services for faster and high ranking.

What about the design?

This is WordPress at the core, anyone with WordPress skills can work on your website.  We offer the top 3 website page builders.  Page builders produce better quality, faster and easier.  In our experience once you understand the tools, it is about 60% faster to develop with a page builder. 

We also partnered with Codeable for website design.  They have over 500 of the best WordPress freelancers in the world, but you are contracting with Codeable the company to insure that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.  Most people are dependent on “my web person” and this is where most projects fail.

Specialty Websites

Maynestreet also launched and will support 3 specialty WordPress infrastructures:  Nonprofit, Real Estate and Membership sites. 

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