Experts & Artisans


We think that this is a sweet deal for freelancers.  We call it UberHands.  It is an availability design support service.  Because we offer a standardize environment, experience goes a long way to solving problems and fixing pages.  

As we both know. Many issues are solved within 10 minutes, others take hours.  Our super hands experts pick their hours and days.  Work from anywhere and lead the “laptop lifestyle”.   Plus you get the benefit of our community support approach.  


Go back to your base with to generate new business.  This is a time of change and any companies see the need to upgrade their digital plan.  You can be at the core of this conversation.  We will build  a footprint for your installation and help you deliver more opportunities. 

Our focus is delivering a stable and high perfromance platform that you can trust.  But this is WordPress and the platform is evolving daily.  All the more reason to to take it off your plate.   Having been an agency owner for 10 years, cutting cost is as important as driving revenue.  We can deliver a full white label service with your custom install for less.

The Marketplace
This is our opportunity to present you to the Maynestreet clients that need services.  We fully understand what we do takes hours and what you do takes months.  It also takes talent and the need is much bigger than any one company.  Our agency partners are vital to the success of our clients.


Our WordPress Partners

The ties between companies is critical to your success on WordPress.  As a platform provider we solve so many technical issues for our partners with regard to the integration and setup of the environment. Our partners are selected based on their technical merit and market share.  We prefer companies that have a partner programs.  Those relationships are important for all of us.  Example:  We added the Divi Page Builder because it has native support for Constant Contact email marketing.