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7 Email Copywriting Tips We Swear By (With Examples!)

When you’re writing emails all day, every day for work and for life, it’s easy to take shortcuts. Skip a…


How to Optimize Listings on eBay

Like many online marketplaces, eBay is an excellent platform for gaining brand visibility and connecting with a broader audience of…

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Everything’s Changed — Has Your Website?

I don’t have to tell you that everything about the way we all do business has changed. Where and how…

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Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing for Your Brand?

Influencer marketing has always been an important part of branding. The process ideally gives your brand a face. For certain…

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Link Building 101: Using Google Alerts for Backlinks in 2021

Let’s get this out of the way from the very beginning. No, link building is not dead, and frankly, it…

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The Future of Marketing: Digital Marketing as a Game Changer

There is no question that 2020 has been a pivotal year in history, but how it will affect the future…

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Faster Than Normal PR with Peter Shankman [Podcast]

In the latest episode of the PR Talk podcast, Amy talks with Peter Shankman about PR as a career for…

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Got 10 in the Room and 10 on the Zoom? Tips for Leading Hybrid Teams

As it’s becoming safe to return to corporate offices, many employers are offering workers the choice to fully return, remain…


7 Branding Tips for Mid-Sized Businesses

When we hear “branding,” we think of those big-name, staple companies found in the kitchens, closets, and garages of 9…


4 Calls to Action for Your Blog that Get Results

One thing many entrepreneurs do wrong when writing a blog is not giving their readers anything to do at the…