Frequently Asked Questions

When companies talk about managed WordPress hosting, that means that they are managing the hosting environment that WordPress is running on.  At Maynestreet, we use managed servers to handle the hosting environment.  The Maynestreet services happen at the WordPress layer, we handle the complete technical layer for you, plugins, integration, licensing and give you the SEO and page design tools for build your website fast and easy.

The solo Plan was built to give you the tools and features that you need to run a typical “non-ecommerce” website.  It is what we commonly refer to as “Brochureware”, because they are very informational sites.  Solo is full featured and intended for local business, bloggers, brands, trades… It comes with Pop-overs for email list building, Chatbots for live interaction, forms that are integrated with your email marketing systems and supports Simple Pay or PayPal button code.  

The Pro Plan is very similar, but has greater capacity, Woocommerce is optional, but included.  You have a greater variety of tools.  We also include the Google Site Kit in Pro, Solo is has a Google Analytics plugin.   Pro also has a greater number of options that you can upgrade to.  Such as upgraded site security and SEO.

The “no hostage” policy means that we won’t hold your website ransom.  You should be the owner of all your domains, we provide an infrastructure for your website files, but they will always remain your files.  You are welcome to move them at anytime.  Should you choose to leave us, we will make arrangements for you to get any necessary licensing and install it for you.

The basic answer is one website per plan.  One website may contain multiple domains, landing pages, sub domains…  So it depends on how you are structuring your website to answer the question fully.

Using the design tools let’s you take your existing page content and give it a big facelift.  If you have design skills, the tools are easy to learn, if you don’t finding a WordPress designer is easy, and we can help too.

We can manage your design project using our expert network.  but we don’t do design in-house.  The reason is the demand.  The services that we provide at Maynestreet takes hours to complete, web design takes weeks and you need talented and experienced people.  Our project services fill that gap of knowledge between you and the experts.  It also lets us look out for both sides.

  • Access to your domain register account.
  • Administrators access to your WordPress website
  • We will move it for you.

No problem, change is common in the digital space.  We want you to be happy, but we also understand change.  Our service plans are month to month.  Should you need any plugins, we will make arrangements for you to obtain them.

We use cloud servers provided by Scalahosting in Dallas, Texas.  In our testing, they provided extremely fast servers, offered improved security and were very responsive technically.  Supporting you also relies on the support that we get from our hosting provider.

Our Pro Plan allows for the use of non standard plugins.  Please be aware that we will cannot commit to  supporting plugins that are outside of our normal selection of plugins, support would need to be handled by the plugin author or developer.   


  • We offer Elementor and Divi, between the two they have over 5 million active websites and growing. 
  • Page quality is outstanding. 
  • Reuse is huge!  Pages can be saved as templates, buttons and other elements can be saved and reused with inherited properties.  “build it once and use it a hundred times.”  
  • Design from the front end view
  • Design for both mobile and desktop on the same page
  • Elements are integrated to give you special effects and designs
  • Some say that you can save 60%, others say that you have so much better tools that you will use that time to put more into your website, but either way, page design tools are the way to go.

Google only makes plugins for WordPress… enough said?