Maynestreet Morning -Las Vegas Online Networking – 4/13/21 at 7:30 AM


Las Vegas

1 Online Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Las Vegas, NV, US, 89118

Networking on Maynestreet is much more effective for meeting more people and finding business opportunities.

Maynestreet is very different from other networking events and people are discovering that they love it because business happens in the moment. Everyone has access to calendars and systems. Book a time or send a link and get paid. IT’S AWESOME!

First, there are no presentations. It’s a 75 minutes of host guided online networking designed to have you meet more people, discover opportunities and have fun doing it. All for $9 per meeting. Pick the markets you want and login!

On Maynestreet we use “Intimate Crowds”, Groups of 4-10 people and the time is short, but varies based on the group size. Intimate crowds let you spend enough time with people to see if you have a business connection before your host moves you to meet more people. The movement creates an underlying urgency for exchanging business. Each movement is like the shuffling of a deck of cards, your host dealing out new business opportunities with every new hand.

Nicole Sharp is masterful in running her meetings and connecting people. Because of the virtual nature it’s very exciting to see business being passed.

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