Build Your Brand In An Agency

Build Your Brand!

Most agents (real estate and insurance) will tell you that their company website does nothing for their lead flow or to build your brand.  Many company websites have lots of agents and are built to be informational about the company & agent information is kept to a minimum  There is usually a directory page and each agent gets a page.  Because most agent pages have static content, meaning it doesn’t change very often, they are poor Google rankers.

But the one big benefit the company website offers is tools for search, quotes, contact, appointments and other specialties.  Now when you combine a high ranking WordPress website and you link to the company tools and services, you get the best of both worlds.  An affordable lead generation engine that links to the company services.

One of our clients is a successful real estate agent who saw an early trend of people moving out the cities and into more affordable communities.  With the pandemic and companies seeing the benefit of staff working remote, the need to live in expensive metro areas was no longer required.  Targeting those people on the move was the goal.  So we built a landing page and lead funnel, setup advertising into his target market and watch as his funnel grew.  In just a few short months, he has hired another agent to work with him and this month he has 7 properties in escrow.  

How did he do it?  He committed to building his personal brand, on top of his company resources.  He also dedicated a small, but consistent ad budget.  Getting traffic to your website is important to your Google rankings.  It’s like a water hose, you have to start the flow to keep it flowing.  

For most agents, even our starter plan is all you need.  It gives you the ability to create landing pages, a website, email integration and blog.  You also get Elementor Pro for designing your web pages and we take care of all the technical issue that you may have.

To learn more about how to get started to build your brand with the Maynestreet advantage use the contact page.