About Maynestreet.com

A Time of Accelerated Change

Our current events have changed our world forever.  We are force to become more digital. Our meeting in person is no longer as critical as it was before the pandemic.  We are being forced to adapt our businesses to meet the changing times by becoming more digital too.  Some people call it “The Pivot”.  Here are a couple of things that you should know:

  • If you have not refreshed your website in the last 4 years, it’s time for a refresh.  The new design tools are about 3 years old and they changed the whole game.
  • Your market is due to change, people are moving, some going home.  Companies may not reopen…  Change creates opportunities and your businesses need to adapt or pivot to these change times by having an active digital business.
  • Digital business is complicated, but it’s not difficult.  It’s mostly “do this, do that.”  

We know how to successfully do business on Maynestreet.

Girl looking at the about Maynestreet page Many businesses today are struggling to find a cohesive digital strategy. 
We can tell you this strategy works great for business.  

8 Simple Steps:

  1. Your website is the foundation for all of your marketing, everything lands or links back to your website.  The design is a direct reflection on your business or personal brand.  If you have not updated your website in the last 4 years.  It’s time for a refresh because the WordPress Game has changed dramatically.
  2. Integrate with all the Google Services available to you.  We use the Google Site Kit Plugin – written by Google for WordPress.
  3. Email is still the most successful channel for client communications.  But form integrations on your website has come a long way in the past 3 years.  With the website page design tools and the intelligent email system, you can build any kind of sales funnel you like on Maynestreet.
  4. Payment processing – If you intent to do any type of online transaction, we have multiple solutions for ecommerce, donations, subscription, real and digital products…  
  5. Chatbots – It turns out that people dig them if they are manned and they do convert amazingly well for just a small human interaction.  When you are away, set them that way.
  6. Your social media is all about validation for your clients and creating Google dominance for your brand.  Your social has also become a customer service “back channel” for communicating with clients.  
  7. Drive qualified traffic to landing pages on the website.  The advertising channel you choose is dependent on your business.  But you need traffic to your website to grow your Google ranking and to convert more business from your website.  Your ad budget is completely up to you, but some traffic is better than no traffic at all.  You need to create a flow to maintain a flow.
  8. Ultimately it is about the business numbers.  ROI is still about the hard dollar return on investment.  

By now you may feel overwhelmed, not to worry.  That is why we do the technical part and the rest is writing and design.  Take some pictures, shoot some video…  The fun stuff.

WordPress Users Group

Wednesdays 11:00 AM Pacific

Starts June 10th

Sponsored by the Maynestreet Co-Op

The Maynestreet WordPress Users Group provides education and insight for the Maynestreet User community through a virtual users group.  The group is usually structured with:

  • Group and technology news 
  • Group updates & announcements
  •  How to topics that were pre-submitted or discovered
  • User Round table – “I have a question?”
  • Closing Gallery of Sites – Sites submitted by members.

This is an open meeting for anyone that uses WordPress, but the discussion is limited to the Maynestreet environment, but this is a great way to find out about Maynestreet and the tools we choose. 

You will need to register once to get the login link.