About Maynestreet.com

Welcome to "The New Normal"

Our current events have changed our world forever.  Meeting in person is no longer as critical as it was before the pandemic, now we Zoom or Hang out.  Funny thing is people dig it.  For business, we call it “The Pivot”.  

Our goal is to build Maynestreet into a national digital business community.  By working together, we Connect, Collaborate and Rank.   Doing a digital business is complicated, but it’s not difficult.  It’s mostly “when this, do that.”  

Maynestreet is more than a hosting company, through an economy of scale Maynestreet will reduce your website costs, provide an eCommerce platform and connect you into our member companies.  

Here are a couple of things that you should know:

  • We find that WordPress websites (35 million sites) Google Rank better and faster that all the other platforms, more so when you know how.  So we are built for WordPress.
  • If you have not refreshed your website design since 2016, it’s time.
  • The new WordPress  design tools are about 3 years old and they completely changed the WP world. 
  • Google rankings can be influenced with traffic.
  • Digital is all about people, nothing creates itself, it’s all people and skills.  

Maynestreet is a spin off of PIMedia a Las Vegas digital marketing and social media agency.  We have been doing WordPress and performance digital business systems for over 10 years.  In 2019, Founder David Mayne was speaking at a WordCamp that was holding a Beginner’s Day.  It was then that he realized that WordPress could be much easier to use with the design tools and technical management to setup and maintain it.  Plus he could achieve a lower total cost of ownership…  In January, 2020, Maynestreet LLC was born.

Maynestreet is for your personal prosperity.



What most people appreciate is that we do the technical part and our Cloud Servers are “Wicked Fast”.
The rest is writing and design.  Take some pictures, shoot some video… 
The fun stuff.